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Our children and youth need us, and we need them. Our nation’s future is in their hands.

Living on the Highlands - Cashiers Plateau can make the rest of the world seem distant at times, but we are connected to it in many ways. We see media images and overhear conversations about the global pandemic, civil unrest, and violence of every kind. Our children are concerned—and should be—and so are we. As community leaders, one of the wisest things we can do is listen.

Our children need safe space to be heard and they need leadership from trusted voices. They need to hear that we will work diligently to ensure the great futures they deserve—no matter where they come from, who their family is, or what they look like. Our children deserve to dream, to be loved, and to be safe – not just at the Club, but everywhere.

All Boys & Girls Clubs are in the business of helping young people become productive, caring, responsible citizens. Citizens who are productive have something to offer others. Caring for others is often hard work and requires understanding of other people’s needs. Responsible citizens are informed about the world around them and make the right choices no matter who is watching. Building these qualities in our children requires both focused listening and careful guidance.

We stand against individual and systemic racism and discrimination. Because we stand for safety, health, dignity, and equitable opportunity, we owe it to everyone connected to Club to revisit and update discrimination policies and procedures we use in hiring, training, and supervising staff as well as our policies for serving our young people. We owe it to our members to provide educational opportunities on social issues so that they have a safe place to discuss their concerns and become responsible citizens. We will ensure that BGCP protects those who need us most. We are committed to do whatever it takes to be engaged in programming and practices that promote justice and equality for all humankind.

These are difficult, disturbing days. But we are not without hope. Stay connected by showing love, listening, and seeking understanding with others. We are grateful for our opportunity to serve.

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