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Erin Phillips

Board Director

Erin Phillips is a fifth-generation native Floridian, born and raised in Winter Haven, Florida, who followed her heart, literally, to the Plateau. 

Highlands and Cashiers were well-known vacation spots to Erin, who had been visiting the area since her undergrad days at UGA. But it was true love that prompted her in 2012 to make the Plateau her full-time home. At the time, Erin was a workhorse civil trial attorney,  handling personal injury, insurance defense, and contract dispute cases all over the state of Florida, with St. Petersburg as her home base. After a decades-long friendship with arborist and native plant specialist, Brad Phillips, turned into something more, Erin began visiting the area much more frequently. By 2012, the couple was growing weary of living states apart, and Brad, a resident of the area since the early 1990's, wasn't keen to leave paradise.  So, Erin packed up and headed to the mountains. 

Moving turned out to be the best decision she ever made, as she and Brad eventually married, started a family, and Erin fully embraced the unique experiences and slower pace of life the Plateau offers. Joking she traded a closet full of high heels for 6 different kinds of work boots, Erin can sometimes be caught meeting clients in her overalls, coming straight from tending an ever-growing menagerie of animals or fresh from planting this year's acreage of vegetable and flower gardens. 

Mrs. Phillips has previously served as a County Magistrate Judge in Macon County and spent several years practicing in Cashiers at a real estate-centered firm. She currently owns and operates Plateau Law, a general practice law firm serving individuals and businesses in the Cashiers and Highlands areas, and beyond.  

A passionate advocate for the BGCP, Erin has experienced first-hand the difference BGC can make in a family's life as the couple's daughter, Madelynne, has enjoyed both the after-school program and the summer camp program and is looking forward to utilizing the new branch location in Highlands soon. 

Erin Phillips
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